The High Ground Institute strives to create a stronger, more vibrant Wisconsin. The Institute works to accomplish this in a variety of ways, including enhancing communication and fostering leadership opportunities.

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Fair Elections project fights for fair redistricting around the country by inspiring and supporting litigation, legislation, and public advocacy to stop partisan gerrymandering. The goal is to end map-rigging, so that instead of politicians choosing their voters, voters can choose thier elected officials, and elections will again be meaningful.


LatinxVoice works everyday to activate the Latinx community to fight for the things that matter: good-paying jobs, access to affordable healthcare, an excellent education for our children, and fair immigration policy that values every resident. More information can be found at:

The Institute’s Milwaukee Youth Leadership Program (MYLP) addresses pressing issues facing Southeast Wisconsin’s urban communities in a unique and innovative way. Through academic research, civic engagement, leadership and a focus on youth as its core, MYLP creates and cultivates Neighborhood Youth Councils to develop the next generation of community leaders. More information on MYLP can be found at:

Save the Wisconsin Idea was formed in February, 2015 in response to the proposed budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin system and the elimination of guaranteed faculty tenure. Save the Wisconsin Idea organized across the state to encourage lawmakers to preserve the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea and to continue to fully fund Wisconsin's world-class university system. More information about Save the Wisconsin idea can be found at:

I Love My Public School is a parent-driven organization in support of Wisconsin's public schools. ILMPS believes that all of Wisconsin's children deserve a right to high-quality public education. More information about I Love My Public School can be found at: